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The Changing Definition of a Penthouse

The word penthouse evokes a feeling of luxury. They are found in high-rise buildings and are known for their amazing views. Often these homes are priced higher than other apartments in the same building. However, what exactly makes an apartment a penthouse?

What is the meaning of pent house?

Traditionally, the term penthouse refers to an apartment that is located on top of a skyscraper and occupies an entire floor of the building. These units are usually distinguished by having a private entrance or elevator (without which they are not considered a penthouse), a large terrace, more floor space, multiple master suites, extra-high ceilings and more amenities than other units in the building.

Recently, luxury apartment buildings have begun to redefine the penthouse concept to include many units on the top residential floors of a high-rise building and outfit them with ultra-luxury features that are not available in other units in the same tower. The terms penthouse and roof-top apartment are used interchangeably to describe these apartments, but the term rooftop apartment is more technically correct as these units are not set back from the outer walls of the building like traditional penthouses.

The changing definition of penthouse can sometimes be confusing for potential buyers who are searching for their perfect home. As the real estate market continues to evolve it’s important that prospective buyers understand the true meaning of a penthouse and what they should expect when purchasing one of these luxury properties. Read on to learn more about the changing definition of a penthouse, some of the advantages and disadvantages of owning one and how the price of these properties can be affected by their location.