When a piece of IT equipment fails or your business experiences a security breach, it can be devastating for your reputation and profit. When these issues arise, it’s important to have a reliable IT service team available. They can provide 24/7 support to respond to phone, email, and chat-based IT help requests. They can also monitor systems and their performance, as well as provide IT security and backup services.

IT Support in Peterborough

In a nutshell, IT Support in Peterborough is technical assistance for customers and end-users. It may involve troubleshooting IT faults, installing software or hardware, or providing training. It can be delivered by your IT department, or you can choose to outsource it to a managed IT service provider.

Typically, IT support is broken down into various levels or “tiers”. Tier 1 support provides basic technical help for end-users and helps resolve simple problems. It is usually provided through a help desk or a ticketing system. If an issue is too complex for tier 1, it’s escalated to a higher tier. This often involves software or hardware developers.

Historically, IT support has involved hourly billing, where businesses and IT service providers are charged for time spent resolving an IT issue. This approach can put a strain on a company’s budget and can prevent them from seeking help when they need it because they fear high costs. It’s why more companies are choosing to move away from traditional IT support models and switch to a fixed-cost model that includes centralized IT management, access to employee IT device insights, and MDM software to help keep devices secure against cyber threats.

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