Town Vapor Lounge Fume Vape┬áis the smallest disposable vape in the brand’s range. Prices vary a bit but are usually around $12 to $14 each, with some stockists offering small discounts when you buy in multiples of 10. As its name suggests, it’s completely disposable, so you can simply throw it away once the liquid has run out. The battery is 850 mAh and provides 1,500 puffs, which means you’ll get several days of vaping before you need to replace it. It also has a generous 6ml capacity of e-liquid, so it’s easy to find the right flavor for your taste.

All of the flavors in this K town vapor lounge fume vape, with a standard strength of 5%. That provides a satisfying hit that closely mimics the sensation of traditional cigarette smoking. There are 20 different options to choose from, ranging from fruity delights like strawberry banana and mango to refreshing ice flavors such as mint ice, tangerine ice, and pineapple ice. There are even some savory options available, such as the classic Cuban tobacco.

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The bestselling options amongst Fume fans include the Lush Ice flavor, which combines watermelon and mint for a refreshingly cool vape, as well as the blue razz flavor that’s popular with people who prefer tangy fruity tastes. The brand’s fresh vanilla option is another favorite for those who don’t enjoy cooling menthol. There are also a few dessert flavors such as caramel and chocolate, and some that aren’t restricted to fruits like rainbow rain.

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