Plate loaded machines are similar to traditional weight machines, but instead of using a stack of plates that can be selected with the press of a button like selectorized equipment, these pieces of gym equipment use round plates like those found on barbells that are hung on loadable weight poles. This allows you to fully customise the amount of weight that you use during your workout, allowing you to work towards achieving a specific strength goal. These types of equipment are popular in commercial gyms and with PT studios, as they allow for a complete strength training experience.Check this out

Some people may find that plate-loaded equipment doesn’t provide the same resistance curve as selectorized equipment throughout an exercise, due to how they are constructed, especially when it comes to legs curls and rows. However, some companies such as Prime Fitness produce plate-loaded equipment that overcomes this issue by providing adjustable resistance throughout a movement in a range of angles, making it more versatile than most other plate-loaded equipment.

Plate Loaded Chest Press: Perfecting Your Technique for Optimal Results

While plate-loaded equipment offers greater flexibility in weight management, it can also be dangerous for users without an understanding of their physical limits and a proper technique. Incorrect use can result in physical injury and damage to equipment. On the other hand, selectorized equipment limits users to pre-selected weights that are safe for them and prevents them from pushing their bodies too far or overloading the machine.

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