If you want to lay a “warm floor” with heating pipes or you need a simple screed for your apartment, screed with fibres are the ideal solution. This material reduces the internal load and prevents the formation of voids in the concrete. It also protects the solution from mechanical stress and is resistant to abrasion. It is the best alternative to the use of steel mesh for strengthening the solution, avoiding its damage.

For a semi-dry mix, you can add 0.3 kg of fibres per 1 cubic metre of concrete mortar. It is enough to reduce shrinkage cracking, and it also prevents microcracks. In addition, it increases frost resistance. It is important to mix the fibres with a mixer, so that they are properly distributed in the solution. They can be mixed in small quantities with the dry components, or poured into the solution after stirring.

Incorporating Fibres into Screed: A Comprehensive Overview

Before adding the fibres, you must roughen the base with a chipping hammer, to ensure that the solution can bond properly with it. Afterwards, apply a bonding agent to the surface of the base. This product can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so read the instructions carefully.

After applying the bonding agent, you can start preparing your solution for installation. The base must be clean, free of dust, dirt and grease stains. It is also recommended to mark the highest point of your screed on all walls, install beacons and align the surface with a level.

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