online dispensary canada

Online dispensary canada has become legal in most provinces and, thanks to delivery portals like Leafly’s, consumers can now order weed online from the convenience of their own home. However, many new consumers are still mystified by this service. After all, they’re used to either calling their hook-up or visiting a dispensary in person for the full dispensary experience.

In-person retail sales are only a small part of the Canadian cannabis industry, with the majority of sales being made online. In fact, e-commerce is so important for retail businesses that it’s becoming an integral part of the business model.

Exploring the Online Dispensary Experience: Finding the Best Sativa Strains at Your Fingertips

For this reason, the best online weed dispensary canada must offer seamless e-commerce to their customers. This includes a robust product catalog that’s updated in real-time with stock changes, a simple and easy to use checkout process, and tools for email marketing and retargeting.

When shopping for weed online, look for a store that gets good reviews from previous customers. Read testimonials and reviews, and pay attention to comments and social media posts. If you see lots of negative feedback, move on to another store.

You should also look for an extensive selection of weed products and accessories. The best online weed stores carry everything from vapes and edibles to dried herbs and concentrates. In addition, they provide helpful guides and how-tos for each product.

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