electric car charging bay markings

Due to the increasing popularity of electric car charging bay markings, it is important to mark out specialist parking bays that are reserved for charging cars. Our EV bay markings are available in a number of colours and are produced using hard-wearing preformed thermoplastic. This allows us to create a seamless long-lasting marking that can be applied to any car park surface including concrete and tarmac.

EV bay markings can help to ensure that the spaces reserved for electric vehicles are kept clear of regular fossil fuelled cars. This makes the experience for drivers who own EVs much more convenient. It can be frustrating when you go to park your electric vehicle in a dedicated parking bay only to find that it has been occupied by a regular car.

Energizing the Future: The Significance of Electric Car Charging Bay Markings

Our EV bay markings feature a simple yet eye-catching design that includes a battery and lightning bolt symbol. They are also available in a range of other colours to match the existing colour schemes of your car parks or company branding. These markings are designed to be highly visible so that EV drivers can easily locate the charging space and avoid any frustration.

With the Government planning to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2040 there has been a growing demand for EV charging stations and bays. Whether you need to mark out the locations of these areas for public or private use, our experienced team can help. We can also provide a wide range of other car park line marking services to assist with making your parking area safe and efficient for all drivers.

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