MUGA pitch contractors

A MUGA is a multi-use games area, which allows a wide variety of sports to be played in one compact space. It’s popular with schools, sports clubs and a number of different establishments who have limited play area space but want to be able to play a range of sports. Line and zone markings can be painted onto hard surfaces or inlaid into synthetic turf to suit individual needs and sport preferences.This link:

MUGAs are also friendly to the environment and require minimal maintenance. They do not need to be watered regularly or need pesticides, which reduces the environmental impact of the facility. This means that the MUGA is not only an attractive and safe playing surface for children but it is also eco-friendly, which is a major benefit for institutions that wish to make their facilities as green as possible.

The Role of Maintenance in Prolonging MUGA Pitch Lifespan

When planning for a new MUGA, we work with clients to consider what their primary sporting activities will be and which sports they might want to include. For example, if a school wants to use their MUGA for football, hockey, and netball, we’ll help them to design a pitch that can accommodate all of those needs.

We’ve recently installed a MUGA at a local high school where adventurous youngsters had been using the surrounding mesh fencing as handholds and footholds to scale the fence and then flip over it to the other side. By deploying the Roller Barrier around the site, we’ve been able to prevent this from happening and successfully meet the school’s duty of care responsibilities in protecting trespassers from injury.

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