Knockout roses are a how to care for knockout roses shrub that can be planted as individual plants, mixed into a garden with other flowers and perennials, or used to create borders and hedges. They do well as a component of any landscape design, blooming from early spring until frost in the fall. Whether they are planted in the ground or in large containers, these low maintenance beauties are easy to care for and require little attention once established.

To keep your knockouts looking their best, prune them to remove any dead or unhealthy canes in the late winter or early spring. Keeping your plants healthy helps to prevent disease and also provides more flowering potential. The 1/3 Rule is a good guideline for pruning roses, which means that no more than one-third of the plant should be removed during any season.

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Watering your knockouts regularly is important to ensure that they don’t get too dry. It is best to water at the base of the plant rather than on the leaves, which helps prevent fungal diseases. Also, if you are watering your plants on hot or humid days, try to do it in the morning to limit the amount of time that the foliage is wet.

Like most other roses, knockouts are susceptible to insect infestation. It’s best to practice preventative measures, such as removing any leaf holes caused by Japanese beetles or caterpillars, and using an insecticide spray that’s specifically made for roses. Regularly fertilizing your knockouts is also important to help promote growth and health. Just make sure that you mix your fertilizer according to the package directions, and that you apply it directly to the soil around the plant (not the leaves).

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