car seat cover

A car seat cover helps keep your upholstery clean by preventing spills and stains. It also adds a layer of padding to your cloth seats. Some covers also provide protection against sun damage and fading. Choose a cover made from a material that is water-resistant and has a soft, comfortable feel. Some covers are machine washable, making them easy to clean and maintain. A number of colors are available, so you can match the color of your upholstery or give your car a bold, fun look.

Most automotive car seat cover  are trilaminates consisting of a face fabric, a foam layer and a scrim backing. The face fabric provides a decorative appearance that is lightfast, soil resistant and durable (Fung & Hardcastle, 2000). A foam layer, usually polyurethane, is laminated between the face fabric and the scrim backing to provide a soft cushioning feel and increase abrasion resistance. The backing scrim fabric controls stretch properties, dimensional stability and provides barrier and scuff resistance.

Protect and Personalize: The Benefits of Car Seat Covers

While a blanket might work in a pinch, it can cause baby to overheat by reducing air flow and creating a greenhouse effect. A car seat canopy that has a mesh panel allows air to circulate, keeping baby comfortable. The lightweight material of this cover makes it easy to toss in the washer if there are any messes, and can even double as a burp cloth or tummy time blanket.

Some covers are designed to fit specific cars, while others are universal fits. For example, the Gorla seat cover is advertised as a universal fit for four-door sedans and two-door coupes. Its fabric is breathable, water-resistant and odor-free, and the set ($45) comes with an airbag cover, headrest covers, shoulder harness pads and seatbelt covers. The FH Group Universal Fit Cloth Bucket Seat Cover is another affordable option. The soft towel-like material is odor-free, water-resistant and machine washable.

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