newborn blankets

There are so many things you need for your newborn blankets, but one item that’s often overlooked is a newborn blanket. They come in different shapes, sizes, and materials to suit your needs.

Newborn Blankets: How to Choose the Right Type

There are two main types of blankets for newborns: receiving blankets and swaddles. These blankets have different purposes and designs, but both serve the same function – keeping your newborn warm, comfortable, and secure.

The Ultimate Guide to Newborn Blankets: Types, Materials, and Uses

A receiving blanket is a small, lightweight blanket that’s designed to wrap around a newborn. It’s also commonly used as a burp cloth or nursing cover.

These blankets are perfect for swaddling because they’re small enough to wrap snugly around your baby, but large enough to provide comfort and warmth. They aren’t very breathable, however, so they won’t keep your baby as warm as a regular blanket.


Muslin is a fabric that’s usually made from cotton and can be used as both a blanket and a burp cloth. It’s a great option for parents who want to avoid overheating their baby and is easy to launder, which makes it perfect for those early infancy months.


If you’re looking for something special to keep your little one cozy, try an heirloom blanket. They’re usually high-quality, and are made to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.


Crocheted blankets are usually made from a soft yarn that’s easy to crochet. They’re a fun option for those who aren’t crafty or want to give their newborn something handmade. But they’re not as sturdily constructed as quilts, so they can be a bit risky for babies with tiny fingers and toes.

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