standing abs with kettlebell

Sculpted abs require a combination of diet and exercise. standing abs with kettlebell can be an excellent way to target and tone your abdominal muscles, resulting in a more defined midsection.

The best ab exercises are core-intensive tones, targeting all areas of the abs including your lower abs, middle and upper abs, as well as oblique muscles. The kettlebell swing, clean and snatch are all excellent exercises for targeting these areas.

Single Arm Side Load March

This anti-lateral flexion exercise, also known as the carry, is one of our favorite kettlebell exercises because it’s a fantastic balance and stabilizer muscle builder. The challenge here is to hold the load on one side of your body, which forces your core to work extra hard during the exercise.

How to Use Kettlebells for a Killer Abs Circuit

Plank Pull Through

This exercise is another anti-lateral flexion move that requires your core to work extra hard throughout the movement, says Duncan. Get into a plank position, and grab the kettlebell with your right hand. Once you’re in the right position, start to drag it across your body diagonally, up over your right shoulder and back down by your left hip.


This move is a great example of how every kettlebell exercise can be adapted to work your core to some degree. You’ll perform this twice — once from a low position with the kettlebell in the rack and again with it overhead, challenging your stabilizer muscles to keep the weight stable as you reach down toward your foot.

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