towing companies in san jose

There are a number of reliable towing companies in San Jose. Alongi Bros. is a family-run company that has served the San Jose community for over 70 years. They are also one of the largest AAA contractors in northern California. Founded in 1948 by Norm and Vince Alongi, the company is now run by the third generation. Their goal is to provide honest service and competitive pricing, so you can rest assured you’ll never overpay for their services.

These Trucks Will Ensure That Your Vehicle Gets Towed Safely And Efficiently Without Causing Damage

City Towing & Automotive Services is a local business with a long history in the San Jose area. They specialize in all types of vehicles and provide 24-hour roadside assistance. The company is fully licensed and offers reasonable prices. Their technicians are also capable of handling all types of insurance work and can repair bumper damage.

San jose tow truck, CA can be local or nationwide. When searching for a company to help you in need, make sure to read reviews and talk to past customers to see how satisfied they are with the service they provide. The company you choose should be able to fix your car on the spot and put you first.

If you’re in need of roadside assistance, call A Cheap Tow in San Jose. This company offers 24 hour service, and has an impressive track record of quality services. They specialize in motorcycle and truck towing, and their trucks are equipped with cutting-edge technology.

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